01 May 2012

Hello ScummVM!

My name is Eric Culp (a.k.a. singron). I'll be working on the scaler plugins project.

I'm very excited to work on a project like this. If you have questions, comments, or witty insults, you can leave them as comments on this blog or catch me on irc. Relevant links to to github will be in the sidebar.


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  2. Hello.

    I'm very happy about this, it's one of the features we simple users would want in ScummVM for ages.

    I know working in coding is more productive and funnier than writing reports, but I would like to read some summary for we simple users and what could benefit us.

    Also, some bits for geeks could be nice too.

    Of course it's a suggestion, but other ScummVM GSoC developers already did write some posts in their blogs :)